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Current Project
Baby-Stepp'n to a finished piece...

This is the first step in a 3 subject portrait that is a companion to "Come Tuck Me In".  As yet it is "Untitled" but I'm kick'en around a few ideas.  Both "Come Tuck Me In" and this are commissioned pieces. 

3 Subject Portrait
11 X 14 - - Graphite

Phase #2  is shaping up...I've brought in the 2nd subjects arm and outlined head.  Still working on detail of girls eyes...tough one!
I've got more work to do on hair and finding my light source.  Post more soon!

3 subject
11 X 14 - - Graphite

The Hug
3 subject 11X14 Graphite

I've begun the hair on the second subject and made decisions on placement overall.  3rd subject has a home but no face as of yet.  The young lady is nearly done...I still have a lot of blending to do.  The blending will soften her up and give her a more finished appearance.
Short hair is so much more time consuming. I've got to pull the hi-lights out which will give it a more natural texture and help to shape the head.  Let us not forget the light source (that's just a reminder for me...LOL)
Well...see ya in a few days for the next installment.
BTW:  C.S....if you're peeking, this is only a partial scan as the pic in it's entirety will not fit and I didn't have time to fool around with the dig.  I have to be at work by 10:30.  Hope to have this finished within a week...  Send up good thoughts. LOL